Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Comfort Food

One of my "life mantras" is that I believe you should do one thing every day that comforts you. When we are young, there are things that comfort us, maybe when we are sick or when our parents do something special for us. For me, it was a pink blanket and macaroni and cheese. There are other things that comfort me today - cuddling with my dog, hugging my husband, lighting my favorite candle. The interesting thing about each of these things is that they aren't expensive or extravagant. They can be the simplest things.

I don't believe that God created us to be comfortable, and I always want you to look for new challenges and new ways to grow. However, the Lord is the God of comfort and I encourage you to find something to enjoy today that He has given you.

Here are a few ideas of "comfort" things you can indulge in tonight!
  1. Comfort food. Brownies? Nutella? Mac & cheese? Whatever yours is, make a pan of it tonight.
  2. Comfort activities. Take a long bath or shower. Read a chapter of a book on the couch. Hold someone close to you - a pet, a loved one. Nap.
  3. Comfortable things. Wrap yourself in an old sweatshirt or a soft blanket. Use your favorite lotion or facewash or nail polish.
  4. Comfortable memories. Watch a classic movie, look at old photos, or call a good friend.

These are just a few ideas. None of them take a lot of time, and none of them cost a lot of money. But we all need a break every once in a while, even if it's only for a few minutes!

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