Thursday, March 10, 2011


In February, Emma & I went to Columbus to spend a girl's afternoon at Rag-o-rama and exporing LUSH for the first time.

Oh. Em. Gee. It's official. We are converted into Lushies.

I wanted to smell and test everything in the store. I restrained myself (somehow) to the following purchases.

A Cupcake face mask. There were soo many face masks, and they are only available in the stores because LUSH is known for their fresh, handmade products. This mask smelled like chocolate cake. Mmm. Since I couldn't find a picture online, I took this little gem:


My favorite purchase was this facewash:

[photo credit]

While it doesn't smell as good as some of the other lotions and potions that LUSH offers, I die over the way my face feels after I wash it with this. It's amazing! Soft, not greasy (which is vital to my oily skin) and completely clean. The only caveat I have? I still need to use a tiny amount of makeup remover around my eyes to get rid of leftover mascara and eyeliner. But the way that this rejuvenated my winter skin was worth it!

I bought two solid shampoos. I am sold on solid shampoos. I got the Soak & Float and the Ultimate Shine bars. The Ultimate Shine is my new go-to deep cleansing shampoo. It's a little intense for every day wear, but perfect for my once a week or so deep shampoo. The Soak & Float was what I had the highest hopes for going in, but won't be repurchasing. It did a great job cleansing, but I couldn't get over the odor. My hair smelled like a campfire for days. I kind of thought it was hot. Ben did not. He thought I smelled like a boy scout.

[photo credit]

My favorite thing about the shampoo bars is the ease of bringing it with you. I took my Ultimate Shine bar to NC to see my sister and my mama. And the shampoo bar is mama approved. I threw it in a ziplock bag, and didn't worry about spills. It would be perfect to carry on a plane.

I got my first bath bomb, something that LUSH is legendary for. See the amazing array here. I haven't tried it yet because I want to show you a video. And I'm not smart enough to get videos off the camcorder. I'll work on that. The camcorder work and the getting smarter.

The girls from LUSH gave me some great samples - Dark Angel, a facewash for oily skin and the R & B conditioner. They are currently on my 'maybe' list for our next big LUSH trip on May 14.

Speaking of the girls at LUSH, follow our favorites at @LushCbus on Twitter!

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