Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Everything has a season

One of my absolute favorite things is the changing of the seasons. Of course, fall-to-winter is my least liked transition. (NO MORE FREEZING RAIN.) But there's something so exciting about things being made new. I am a little OCD about season transitions (my poor man), and since the spring-to-summer transition is upon us, I will share those idiosyncracsies.. now.

*Side note: This reminds me of this song from '99. I will dispense this wisdom.. now. Everyone's free to wear sunscreen.*
  • It is important that your nails match the season. This means that I will be putting away the majority of my nudes and pastels that I've been rocking since March and changing them out for BRIGHTS. Hold on, yellow. I'm coming for you.
  • Clothes from the season before that did not get worn because they look like they came from a streetwalker in Miami (that's how tight they are), are stained beyond repair or you just will never wear again - get rid of them.
  • Switch the leftover clothes out for summer clothes that have been sitting in storage. Everyone get ready. Those Hollister shorts Rae picked out for me will be out in full force this weekend.
  • Perfume gets changed. No more B&BW citrus. Marc Jacobs Daisy will be in the air.
  • Speaking of in the air - the workout routine changes. Instead of a quick shower, it's pool time, baybee.
  • The next drink at Starbucks is on its way. In the summer, only iced coffee with milk and vanilla OR an iced skinny caramel macchiato will do.
  • The Beach Boys CD is out and ready for jamming. Also Britney. Also Fleet Foxes. Also Dashboard. See you in the fall, Adele.
On that note, I'm ready to head out into the spring-almost-summer weather for a long walk with my dogs. And tonight, I'll paint my nails. But not brights. I have to save those for June 1, duhtown.

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  1. Good thing it's June 3rd now!!!