Thursday, May 26, 2011

high expectations.

I have high expecations for a lot of things, including myself. My attitude with my husband should be stellar. My friendships. My job performance. My 2010 Altima. My nail polish shouldn't chip after two days, I should be able to get my license the day that I go, and a medium-well burger shouldn't have any red left in it.

[Sidenote: This is a good burger from EO's, my fave local burger joint. It's no Cookout, but it works.]

I feel this way about the places that I shop, too. I try to buy a lot of our produce at the farmer's market, loved finding things in Etsy for my wedding and Christmas presents and few things make me happier than a good hunt at the thrift store. Quirky things make me happy. The more unique, the better.

Which is why I like Anthropologie and I love Urban Outfitters. They grace my walls and I can be seen sportin' my favorite Anthro sunnies on the daily. But when stores that claim to offer unique goods are found to be ripping off ideas of local artists - not just once, but multiple times- it disappoints me. It was like when I found out Neutrogena tests on animals. I just got disappointed and knew I would have to think three times as long before I purchased one of the products.

It's just a good reminder to continue to look into what I purchase and where it originates. During the short time that I have been given on earth, I want to make sure that I am contributing to the right things - and the right people. I want to buy things that I am proud of, not just because of what they look like, but because it's good ethically.

This post has me a little bummed. Time to go finish up the last of my Easter candy!

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