Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Being brave. And being a Buckeye.

Well, folks. The time is upon us.

For years, I have put off admitting the fact that I live in Ohio. No longer can I maintain that I am from New England, "halfway between New York and Boston". I now live "outside Dayton". (How? I'm still not 100% sure.)

Big changes in my life - ones that I feel have to do with my identity - take me forever to adapt to. This is one of the ways that I know BA is perf for me. He lets me do everything in my own time, knowing that I will get around to it when I am emotionally ready. And he doesn't laugh at me when I cry over changing my plates from Connecticut blue to the Buckeye State's "Beautiful Ohio" plates (which, seriously? Beautiful Ohio? Gag me). In fact, he gets me vanity plates just to make the transition easier.

So the plates are changed. The registration on the car has been updated. I've almost gotten everything switched over from my school address to my home address. One of the final pieces - the Ohio license - comes today.

It's been quite an ordeal getting here. I had to order a certified driving record from my home state (which CT made super easy). I had to find a day that I could get off of work when BA was available as well. Because you'd better believe, I still need someone there to hold my hand. And I've been studying like mad and taking practice tests online for the written portion, because if I fail this test and have to go through this again.. I'm not sure what will happen.

I have a date with Kel at one of my favorite local restaurants. They serve amazing organic food and I haven't been there in months. I just have to keep my eyes on the goal: chicken nachos.

But just to be clear? I might live in Ohio, but I'm FROM Connecticut, suckas.

*Note: Images from Toothpaste for Dinner, one of my fave sites since 2003. Always good for a laugh. And they generally feel the same way about Ohio that I do. BONUS.

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