Friday, May 27, 2011

what 2 years of marriage looks like.

Wake up to a big white dog licking your face. Hit the snooze button twice, push his shoulder, beg for him to walk the dogs "just this once" - like he does every morning. Fall into the shower, blow dry your hair to the smell of his freshly made coffee. Do your makeup at the vanity. Get a cup of coffee delivered with a kiss and a shriek of "Please don't spill it on me!" as a response. Feel bad about yelling - even on accident. Hug him from behind until he knows you didn't mean it. Let him start your car and help you collect your wallet, keys, running shoes. Wave goodbye and honk and blow hundreds of kisses.

Notice when he texts you. Notice when he doesn't have the time. Call him just to say "I think a bird flew into my window and it made me sad". Call him to say nothing at all, just to hear about his day. Call him to cry because a student got denied from the university and it broke your heart a little. Call him to tell him you're on your way home from work FIN-A-LLY. Call him to tell him you bought him green tea at the grocery store. Call him to tell him your best friend is pregnant and your family needs prayer and you need to drop off the dry cleaning, please and thank you.

Scream with joy when he walks in the door. Fight the dogs for the chance to kiss him first. Ask him to help you make the most of your burned dinner. Let him fix it because he's a much better cook than you are and you've known that since your fourth date when you offered to cook him dinner and it was McDonald's.

Don't stop being yourself. Sing that song that's been stuck in your head all day. Wear your new favorite heels with your pajama shorts. Hang upside down off of the bed when you're catching up on life. Use pink highlighter all over the budget. Don't get too mad when he uses your bath towel to mop up the kitchen floor.

Pick movies that he will L-U-V on Netflix. Don't make him watch Law & Order every single time (Law & Order:SVU is the same thing to him even though it's obviously not). Be proud of every single one of his accomplishments. Bring him a drink when he's had a bad day. Believe he can do anything and tell him that. Remember that you would love him forever just exactly the way he is and nothing he can do will change that. And then tell him that, too.

Find a good group of friends. Hold onto them tight. Let them become your best friends and his best friends, too. Love their children fiercely and let him love them, too.

Wear his shirts to bonfires because they are easier to wash. At the end of the day, when tomorrow is coming too quickly, put your hands inside the sleeves. Look across the flames at him and meet his eyes. Raise your glass - or your s'more - to him because this is what two years of marriage looks like. And it could not be better.

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  1. This literally brought tears to my eyes!! I love you and BA so, so much and am thrilled beyond belief that you found each other! And I thank my God to call you both "friends." xoxo