Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy (belated) Memorial Day!

Memorial Day weekend was a GREAT break from the norm around here. First of all, Ben & I got our first day off together in over 4 weeks - which is reason to celebrate enough! I feel bad when people we don't get a chance to see other people as much as we'd like...but we never get a chance to see us, either. When it comes around, we definitely take advantage of it!

We spent Saturday morning/afternoon with my beloved Kate McKallagat!! She was in town for an anniversary party and I was blessed with four whole hours with her and some of my other favorites - Kate Martin, Steph, and Jess!

Hands down, my favorite fast food is McDonald's. So I got a little bit of that action. But the BEST part - besides the chicken nuggets - was the old school box. Lovin' that! (Excuse the fuzzy photos - all of these were taken from my beloved phone. That winner above was from Kate, our resident professional photog.)

After McDonald's, we went over to Mike & Grace's house. Michael's mom just bought a new Pomeranian puppy. Oh. My. Word. So much flooferness happening in this picture. UPDATE: this little nugget has officially been named Pippa. You can imagine how much my Kate Middleton-lovin' self is thrilled about this!

Ben and I went down to Newport in Cincinnati. We had all the plans in the world to go to the aquarium, but showed up exactly 2 minutes late for the penguin show we wanted to see. And yes, I mean that's why we went. There's nothing wrong with driving an hour just to touch a penguin! We made an appointment with them to come back on my birthday in two weeks to play with the penguins again.

In the meantime, we found a candy store and loaded up on fudge and gummy sharks. Which explains the huge smiles in the pictures above. We walked around Newport for a while longer and then wandered up to the movie theater to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

On Sunday after church, Kelly, Jordan and I just laid by the pool until the sun set. Then we headed off to the Greene, where we had a not-so-great encounter with a bunch of women who couldn't mind their own business and grossly inept security guards. It made me sad that one of my favorite places had such poor customer service and bad staff.

Monday was breakfast with Ben's parents, thriting with Grace and a BBQ. Then we just hung around the house with the furbabies. I took a nap on the couch and wouldn't let Stella join me which led to this:

Babygirl was pouting and NOT happy about it. But a nap was the perfect way to end a busy weekend - one where I actually got to see Ben a little!

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