Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Your Netflix Instant Guide

Some (or all) of you may know of my attachment to my beloved Netflix. While I love opening the mailbox and seeing the bright red envelope, I am much more twitterpated with the instant queue. Here I have compiled the best times to watch some of my favorite genres/shows.
- Law & Order: All the time.
- Veronica Mars/Lost/30 Rock: These shows are long series that have some type of interest to men (or at least, my man). These series are a good compromise between "his" shows and "my" shows and are good for some late night TV together time.
- Hoarders: I watch this when I need motivation to clean. See also: Clean House or Dress My Nest.
- The Hills/The City/Jersey Shore: These MTV staples come into play when I am getting ready to go out. These shows are also good when I know I have to do something in twenty minutes because they're such short episodes. I have been known to rock some LC waves or some Snooki poof thanks to the inspiration from these shows.
- Jockeys/Wildfire: All animal-related shows help with my desire to quit my job and live on a giant farm with abused horses, unwanted dogs and neglected children - preferably by the dozens.
- Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: This show isn't available on instant yet. It should be. I would watch it in a party with my sister and parents every night. In the meantime, I make do with movies from my growing up (Meet Me in St. Louis and Notting Hill are on repeat).
- Comedy shows: These are perfect for listening to while making dinner. Second use: watch with large groups of friends.
- National Geographic/nature shows: I put these on when I have insomnia. Usually, it's instantly cured.
All movies are enhanced by a healthy dose of Oreos. Duhtown.

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