Friday, June 24, 2011

What I Wear on Road Trips

road trip summer 11

Rainbow shoes
$46 -

Rayban wayfarer sunglasses
£123 -

Wesc X Stash "Dark Shadow" Bongo Headphones
€80 -

Today, BA and I are leaving for Michigan to see his sisters who live near Grand Rapids. Michigan, while not my favorite state, is well-liked by many people I love, including my BFF Dayna. So venturing north is okay every once in a while.

There are a few supplies that I always wear in the summer: comfortable vintage style sweatpants and soft shirts from Victoria's Secret, Raybans, my Rainbow flip flops.. and headphones to block out August Burns Red when BA really needs it in his life. I am a fan of traveling in anything that's comfortable (and warm) enough to sleep in, decent enough to get out and buy peach rings at a gas station and bright enough that you can see it coming a mile away. This outfit meets all of those criteria.

Have a lovely weekend, dear ones!

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