Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's hot and that's okay.

This heat wave that is taking over practically the entire United States is out of CONTROL. Yesterday at the barn, the heat index was 107. If I wanted it to be that hot, I would have moved to Arizona. Okay, actually, I probably wouldn't have but STILL. And the AC is supposed to be out at work for an entire week so that should be interesting.

I'm trying to make the most out of this, so let's look at the bright side.

- I have an excuse to eat dozens of those freezer pops.
- I have a pool that I can float in whenever I want. Which is pretty much every day.
- I got to leave work early on Tuesday because the power was out in the office. Kelly and I shopped, worked out and lounged around.
- I feel like painting my nails orange and coral and red (not all at the same time - but maybe I should) to match the heat.
- No one thinks I'm trashy when I walk around Meijer in my running shorts, bathing suit top, ratty boys' white tank top and flip flops. They're just jealous I'm headed to the pool.
- I lose two pounds every time I walk into the backyard to walk the dogs. Granted, it's just water weight and I'm sweating it all out. But still - at this rate, I'll be down to the size of an Olsen twin by August.
- I don't feel bad about running on the treadmill because it's impossibly hot outside.
- I'm so thirsty that I'm drinking all of the water I'm supposed to - times two.

Silver linings rock.

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